3Bears has access to qualified and experienced personnel that are subject matter experts (SMEs) in nuclear facility operations support and maintenance. 3Bears Management Team is currently supporting work throughout the DOE complex, from South Carolina to Tennessee, Illinois, Idaho, and New Mexico. Being a part of successful strategic and operational work evolutions keeps the 3Bears team engaged with current issues and technology development throughout the different sites and programs.

Our staff has knowledge and experience to help you to design, launch, and fine-tune your nuclear, radiological, chemical, electrical, and metallurgical  programs. We can do all the administrative for you. Our people have expertise in developing nuclear safety basis documents, and complete turn-key programs in Conduct of Operations, Work Planning, Remote operations Procedure development, and Health, Safety and Quality programs for your site.

We can also work for you at your site. We perform site-auditing, mentoring, and  operational readiness reviews. Or we can help you by providing qualified  staff support staff.

Operations and Maintenance Services

  • Nuclear, Waste and D&D Operations

  • Conduct of Operations and Work Control Mentors

  • Operational Readiness and Start-up Testing

  • Nuclear Safety Basis

  • Remote Operations Consulting

  • Maintenance & Work Planning

  • Criticality Safety, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

  • Waste Management

  • Training and Procedures

  • Construction & Remediation

  • Safety Management

  • Quality Management

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