With many nuclear facilities transitioning into D&D, it’s difficult to know where to turn. We can help. Our experienced experts have done site evaluations and prepared survey plans (MARSSIM based). We will bring in qualified technicians to do the surveys for you. We have plenty of experience locating and removing radioactive residues from both small and large facilities. We will bring in the equipment and manpower needed.  Our deactivation project planning and project management experience extends to large facility D&D work, as well as targeted facility and inventory management activities. Our experts in packaging and transportation will handle all aspects of logistics, compliance, and final disposal of your radioactive and hazardous wastes.

Our D&D project planning and management experience extends to both large and small facility D&D work as well as inventory management. We have plenty of experience locating and removing radioactive residues. We will bring in whatever equipment and manpower you need.

We have world-class expertise in all aspects of waste characterization including in-situ gamma-ray spectrometry. We have the equipment and knowledgeable personnel to configure, calibrate, deploy,and operate measurement systems (such as HPGe detectors, gamma cameras, and custom equipment.

Our approach contrasts with typical in-situ object counting systems because we have experts that apply experience and judgement at every step of the process, allowing us to assess the data and generate meaningful and useful reports.

3Bears also has access to a number of qualified health physics technicians and all manner of hand-held instruments to perform radiological surveys of adequate quality to support MARSSIM-compliant surveys.


  • Site Characterization

  • Waste Characterization

  • TRU Waste processing, characterization, packaging, and shipping


  • Field Radiological Surveys

  • Deactivation, Decontamination and Decommissioning

  • Waste Management

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